SILENTCORE™ Plasma lighter

Plasma lighter 2.0.


Plasma lighter SILENTCORE™
Plasma lighter SILENTCORE™

With the release of the SILENTCORE

collection we have scaled the USB

rechargeable lighters up with a few 

percent so it feels slightly better

but also giving you more space to

light your cigarette, cigar, candle

or anything else you'd like this

badboy to light.


plasma plazmatic lighter
Plasma lighter SILENTCORE™

Not only are our SILENTCORE™ a bit

bulkier but we have uppened our 

game by picking solid materials and

even slightly increasing battery-life.

Also the designs on this collection 

are beyond anything we have done

before. We even have the MNK design

which features a pattern that comes 

out of the lighter, great for fiddling.


Plasma lighter plazmatic
Plasma lighter SILENTCORE™

The SILENTCORE™ plasma lighters

are really something else. Unlike 

the other plasma lighters out there

this collection is unheard of. Really

though, they're significantly more

silent than any other plasma lighter

and produces no high-pitch sound

whatsoever. Want to test it out for 

yourself? Check out the collection.

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