Save money with the Plazmatic

A smart investment


Smoker or not, you probably buy alot of lighters, maybe even a few every month. Why? Because they run out. Our Plazmatic lighters don't run out because you can constantly recharge them and don't have to buy expensive refills or a new lighter this way. With the Plazmatic you make a one time investment to save alot of money in the long run.




A simple Bic lighter will not attract alot of attention, yet the Plazmatic lighter's purple iconic beams are sure to catch some eyes.

3 Plazmatics!


From the money you can save by buying a Plazmatic lighter you can buy 3 of our amazing designs. Good deal right?

Long life-time

A plazmatic lighter usually has about 100-200 uses before needing a recharge. This will light you atleast a couple of packs of sigarettes. Or a few hundred candles. This combined with a short chargetime equals never being without a light.